The Worst Offenders For Video Game Violence

Video game violence is one of the more hotly debated topics in today's world, with there being plenty of controversial games to choose from.

Grand Theft Auto is one such option that comes to mind for many who think about video game violence. It is famous for allowing players the opportunity to do essentially anything criminal they'd like, from hiring and killing prostitutes to murdering police officers. As the graphics of the game get increasingly realistic, the controversy only gets worse.

Bioshock is another such example, as it was released and gained praise for being thought-provoking and clever, taking place in a futuristic world gone horribly awry. It then received criticism for including young girls (albeit mutated young girls) and giving players the option of killing them.

Bioshock is not, however, nearly as bad in the eyes of violence critics as other recently released options for video game violence. Bulletstorm received large amounts of criticism for over-the-top levels of gruesome violence and was regarded as trying to be "gross, obscene, and sexually charged." One psychiatrist even regarded the language used in the story as being terrible enough that it may be possible to attribute an increase in rape to it.

One common name for many folks is Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. Released in 2009, this one allows players to join forces with terrorists during Afghan firefights while innocent people are shot at in an airport. It is condemned enough that in Japan and Germany, the activity was altered so that players would instantly lose if they killed a civilian.

There has, almost entirely without doubt, been an increase in video game violence over the past several years. Whether or not they actually cause the atrocities in reality attributed to them is still up in the air - but is a troubling issue to contemplate nevertheless.