Playing with Poker Dice Solitaire

In playing the poker dice solitaire a no reaction face is not needed since it is a digital game that can be parallel to the electronic pocket games played by your parents or grandparents during the 90's. It is created to be played with Wii U GamePad and this type of play can be downloaded with a friendly amount.

In playing the Poker Dice Solitaire, deck of playing cards will not be needed since what you need here are dice. In each turn, the player can have three rolls and the goal of the this is to match at least one of the eight poker hands that can be seen in the screen. Scoring is as easy as tapping if the hand is done by the end of a player's turn. But if there is no match made during the three rolls of a players, the scoring will not take place.

It works by filling the small boxes beneath the icon with chips and it is done as easy as that. For example, when your hand have a 1-5 sequence, this means that your hand has "large straight". When you tap the straight icon prior to the roll, you will be awarded with points and the boxes will light green. But if in three turns you made, you produce no match, there will be no score and it is forfeited.

Filling a red chip means you miss the chance to earn bonus points. Be minded that the Poker Dice Solitaire is a play of chance, making you need to alter your strategy every single time. Starting with this virtual casino game can be confusing at first since you are using dice and not cards, but once you are able to familiar yourself with the poker winning combinations and the familiarity of playing the dice type, you will surely enjoy the thrill of chances.

The interface of the game is basic together with its visual making it a classic, with its sleek design and bland features, navigating the game will not be stressful. But somehow, this feature bores people so we suggest that playing this game can be more of a pastime and a practice area if you want to master the game.