Success Comes with the Venture of Doubledown Interactive

Many gamers were left in awe when the heard that the IGT group brought the Doubledown Interactive with a price of $500 million. The company is a casino game publisher that comes in social community. The acquisition of the company became a big deal in investing with casino establishments after the American law legalized online gambling with certain rules. The president of the company, Glen Walcott, has stated that this is a good venture as investment, especially when it is connected to social media like Facebook. The owner sees a good future for his acquisition since there are 5.4 million active players and three percent of that figure spend real cash to purchase visual chips.

During an interview with GamesBeat, Walcott, the owner of Doubledown Interactive narrated how this he started his thing with Facebook. He said during the interview that the three founders of the company is not new to betting games, but being into social network gaming is a different one. During their venture, Zynga Poker is already big in the field. Walcott said that " we didn't want to go right after Zynga Poker ... We can do blackjack". The play under the Doubledown Interactive is set to the social media in 2010 and because of the success, they produced roulette game that is released in the summer of that year then later, under the same year still, they released slot game. With this diversity, Walcott claimed that they are already establish a social online casino.

Also, what added to the success of the company is that they create promos to make players buy chips in discounted amount, making virtual money to actual money for the part of the company. The marketing team also did well in increasing the sales of the company together with its promotion at the social media. Lastly, what makes this company an instant stand-out is that its multiple games are found in a single app as opposed to others that have multiple apps.